Firm founded by Jacob Grierson & Thomas Granier

Anima Dispute Resolution is a law firm dedicated to international arbitration. After working together for ten years in some of the world's leading firms, the partners - an English barrister and a French lawyer - have decided to create a law firm that is truly cross-cultural, just like its clients.
Who we are

International arbitration practitioners specializing in complex, high-stakes cases


The firm embodies a rare complementarity in the legal landscape. Trilingual (English, French, German) and complementary, our expertise covers both common law and civil law legal systems.


In an increasingly technological and globalized environment, our multiculturalism enables us to anticipate the profound changes taking place in the law, and to put our understanding of the new challenges these present at the service of our clients' objectives.

Team players

Our reputation as team-players has made us the preferred partners of other lawyers wishing to handle arbitrations arising from transactions they have negotiated, while at the same time enlisting the services of arbitration specialists attentive to their point of view.


By proactively adopting innovative technologies, we aim to take arbitration to new horizons, by continually simplifying its steps.

Alliance between multiculturalism and innovation


Intercultural expertise

Our intercultural expertise enables us to embrace the nuances and specificities of each system.

Technological innovation

Where some see challenges, we see opportunities. We are convinced that the adoption of advanced technologies will improve legal practice. We strive to use these technologies to simplify procedures.

Straight to the point

Getting straight to the point is crucial. For each case, our commitment is to listen to you, in order to put in place a strategy that integrates your objectives.

Team spirit

Characterized by a strong team spirit, when you work with us as co-counsel, you benefit not just from technical expertise, but from a true partnership, as if we were one and the same team.
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